Roller Skating Party Bag Ideas for 2024

Roller Skating Party Bag Ideas

From gift bags and glittery presents to edible treats, there are a lot of different roller skating party bag ideas that you can incorporate.

Being a roller skating instructor, my kids have been skating from as early as I could get them to.  The skating obsession runs in my family which is why it wasn’t surprising when my daughter wanted to throw her birthday party at the local skating rink.

This got me thinking about party decorations and party favors. So, after stretching my creative muscles a bit, I’ve decided to share the ideas – and products – that I found. You can use these yourself or put your own spin on it.

Roller Skating Party Bag Ideas

First things first, you need the party bags! These more or less set the tone for the goodies inside, so it is a pretty important decision. There are a couple of different options available here.

Paper Party Bags

The top thing to decide on is the material of the bag. Paper is currently the reigning favorite. I prefer it because you have the option of decorating it in a theme or style that matches your party decor.

You can get colorful paper bags such as the LoveTown Gift bags and then add a roller skating themed label onto them. I found a few different stickers, all with a variation of “thanks for rolling by”, which I thought was pretty cute.

Here are some of the options that you can choose from:

You can stick the labels on the upper-hand corner or in the middle of the bag. In case you want to seal up your paper bag, use the sticker at the closing point for extra emphasis.

Another option would be to find or create a logo online and then print it out and stick it onto cardstock. Punch a hole in the middle, loop some string through it, and tie it around a handle.

You can also print out a large label to run across the middle of the gift bag and paste it there. The exact method will depend on how much DIY you are planning to do with the gift bags.

Fabric Paper Bags

If you are looking for a more eco-friendly option, fabric loot bags may be a good option. I like the DA THYME drawstring bags as they have a cool tie-dye pattern. Of course, you can get ones that are more suited to the theme of your party.

If you are having trouble finding an exact match, you may want to opt for a more neutral bag. You can get burlap ones or transparent glittery ones. Either way, you won’t have a problem making it work.

Cardboard Food Boxes

In case you are only planning on giving away edible goodies, you may want to think about getting cardboard food boxes. They are sturdier and will prevent snacks from getting crushed or broken before they are taken home.

It is possible for you to get ones that are customized with roller skating logos or images. Otherwise, get a plain box and dress it up with roller skating-themed stickers and labels. Once again, the exact level of tailoring is entirely up to you.

Edible Goodies

You should always have some edible goodies in your party bags. Kids and adults alike love them, and they are also a great way to keep costs down if you are going for a more minimalistic approach.

If you don’t want to make much of an effort with the goodies, you can go ahead with store-bought chocolate. This doesn’t mean that the treats have to be boring, though. Instead, spice them up with labels specially designed for roller skating parties.

1. Candy

One of your top options is this mini candy bar sticker.

You can just wrap it around an appropriate candy bar and it will stay on perfectly. What’s great is that the sticker has been designed to cover the original label fully. So, your candy bar will look perfectly customized.

2. Chocolate

Want to give away chocolate kisses instead? Then tack on these kiss sticker labels on the bottom.

In fact, these will work for any flat, foil-covered candy so you can try a little variation with the sweets that you hand out to kids.

Prefer making roller skate-shaped chocolates? This is possible, too. You can use a plastic mold and pour in melted chocolate. Allow it to cool and set and they will be ready to be boxed up.

In case you would like the chocolates to pop a little more, use different colored candy melts to add various hues to different parts of the skates. Best of all, your kids will have a ball helping out with this.

I like this Mold and Things roller skate mold because it offers more versatility. In addition to chocolates, you can also make lollipops. So, it is a great option if you want to make a variety of roller skate-inspired candies.

3. Cookies

Do you enjoy baking and don’t mind putting in a bit more effort when constructing party bag treats? Then, I would suggest roller skate-shaped cookies. You don’t have to get fancy, a simple but delicious sugar cookie recipe will do.

This roller skate cookie cutter is the best way to get perfect-looking cookies every time. Then it is just a matter of frosting them in accordance with the theme colors of your party.

I would advise you to make the cookies a few days before the party. Not only does it take time to carefully frost the cookies, but the frosting needs time to dry and set. So, if you don’t want smudged cookies, have them ready ahead of time.

The cookies can be placed in clear plastic bags and wrapped up in ribbon before being placed in the larger gift bag. Or, place them in small paper bags. Bear in mind that the colors and grease may transfer with paper packaging, though.

4. Donuts

For a quick but creative idea, place a few mini donuts in a small, clear plastic bag. Staple a cardboard cutout of a roller skate boot on top. The kids will love it and you won’t have to worry about slaving over the project either.


The other thing that you are most likely to find in a party bag are items that you can wear. These can border on goofy things that kids will only wear while playing. You can also mix in some pieces that can be worn regularly as well.

For instance, I fell in love with these face masks with roller skates on them. Since people are still quite careful, I think they are a great way to stick with the theme of the party and make sure that everyone is safe.

You can even hand them out at the start of the party and, as they are reusable, people can take them home and wash and wear them again.

I also saw these really cute rainbow knee socks which are available in a pack of six. This makes them great for when stocking up multiple party bags. They are soft, cozy, and perfect for wearing when you want to get comfortable at home.

Since my daughter and many of her friends love to roller skate, these I Live to Roller Skate pins felt fitting. These are great for pinning on backpacks or anywhere really. Just make sure to give the parents a heads up about the fact that there is a pin in the party bag.

For a more adult-friendly version, check out these cool roller derby buttons. They are a nice touch for an adults’ roller skating party.

It may not exactly be considered wearable, but this roller skate keychain is a nice addition to a party bag. The design works for both kids and adults and you can practically guarantee that every guest will find a use for it. Thus, it is a good investment, too.

The above ideas that I have mentioned focus on the roller skate theme. However, as I was researching ideas for my own party, I noticed that quite a few roller skating parties do have a retro vibe to them. It isn’t uncommon to find parties that include some 60s, 70s, and 80s for good measure.

If this describes your party, there are some other wearable options that you can consider adding to your gift bag. These fingerless fishnet gloves workwell if you want to have a decades-related party. It is an especially nice touch if you asked your guests to dress up. This will certainly add to the costumes.

The one thing you can guarantee that kids will love are these glow sticks. They come with various connectors so that kids can twist them up into a wide variety of shapes and objects. You may be surprised to discover just how excited adults may be about this treat as well.

Another thing I have realized as a parent is that slime will always be a favorite. So, if your theme is all about bright, fluorescent colors, you may want to consider this Neliblu galaxy slime as it comes in some rad, cosmic shades.

Tips for Choosing the Right Roller Skating Party Bag Favors

Here are some of the top guidelines you should follow when selecting roller skating party bag favors for your guests:

Consider the Size of the Bag

The first thing you will need to do is to pick an appropriate bag size. Most people opt for either small or medium. The size will give you an idea of just how many things you can fit into the bag as well as the average size that the treat should be.

Remember, it is better to pick a smaller bag and have it filled to the brim rather than hand out large but mostly empty bags.

Think About the Age

Your next order of business is to think about the age of the kids. As it is a roller skating party, you can assume that your guests are going to be 7 and upwards. Therefore, you need to find treats that are appropriate to this age group.

It is best not to waste your money on toys as it can be difficult to cater to everyone’s interests. Instead, find favors that all the kids can use. You will find that this is a better investment.

The same logic should apply if you’re having a party for adults. Think about what you would like to receive as a party favor and go from there. After all, the last thing you want is for your favors to be tossed aside the moment your guests get home.

To play it safe, food is a universally appreciated treat. Just make sure that you’re aware of everyone’s dietary restrictions or requirements when whipping them up.

Try to Tie It In With the Theme

This isn’t a must, but it will certainly add a nice touch to the event. So, look for items that have a similar motif or color as your theme. The kids will appreciate this as it brings their party together.

If you are having trouble finding merchandise for your theme, it is time to improvise. Check for templates online or go ahead and design your own. Keep it simple and you will be surprised at just how easy it is.

Another idea is to shop around. Rather than finding all of your supplies in one spot, look at multiple sources. You should be able to scrounge things up and make it work.

These are the top roller skating party bag ideas that you should consider adopting for your next party. There are lots of different options to choose from if you want to throw a fantastic bash that everyone will enjoy.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what kind of party you are throwing, you should be able to incorporate these ideas in some form or another. Children and adults are sure to have the time of their lives!

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