Impala vs Moxi Skates Review – which popular brand should you buy?

In this post, I will be comparing Impala and Moxi roller skate brands. This Impala vs Moxi skates review focuses on each feature of the different brands and compares them to identify the winner in each category.

Impala vs Moxi Skates review

As a professional roller skater and instructor, I’ve had experience, both first-hand and through those in my community, with almost every roller skating brand on the market.

However, I have noticed that Impala and Moxi skates are popular amongst skaters. Both pros and beginners alike will choose Impala and Moxi brands over others.

As a result, I have seen both these brands in action year after year. Moxis especially seem to be in high demand and run out a lot – you can usually get the Moxi Lollys second-hand if you are after one.

I have a good idea of how the Impala and Moxi Skates function indoors, outdoors, and for a variety of skating styles.

This has allowed me to break down each feature and give you an idea of which brand comes out on top in each category. 

At a Glance

Moxi skates are the clear winner of this competition. They are well-built and durable, offer comfort, stability, and high-quality options. They are more accommodating when it comes to sizes, are great for both indoors and outdoors, and suitable for all kinds of skaters.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that Impala skates don’t have plenty to offer. They are a crowd favorite for a reason. To see just how well Impala skates hold up, keep reading to learn more.

An Introduction to Impala and Moxi Skates

First things first, you will need some background info on both Impala and Moxi before moving forward. Here is a brief introduction to both brands. 

The Moxi Skates company was founded in Long Beach in 2008 by Michelle Steilen. The company specializes in retro outdoor quad skates. The brand has partnered with the historic Riedell Skate company to produce and manufacture skates. 

The main focus of Moxi Skates is accessibility – the company is all about expanding its reach and introducing its customer base to good roller skates and roller skating culture. Since its inception, the company has gone on to dominate the market, particularly with its female-driven clientele. 

Impala Skates are the new kid on the block. The company was created in 2017 in Melbourne, Australia. Despite this, it has reached worldwide fame and now sells skates in the US, Canada, New Zealand, Europe, and Asia. 

Impala Skates is also about a more inclusive skating experience, welcoming newcomers and pros alike. The brand also heavily leans into the 70s, 80s, and 90s skating scene for inspiration. 

The Comparison – Impala vs Moxi Skates review

Here is a breakdown of how each of these brands performs across the board: 


There are some brands and models that are more popular than others. As such, when shopping for roller skates, you will find that some models appear to be perpetually sold out. Needless to say, availability is quite important when choosing skates. 

Although Impala has gained an enormous amount of popularity over the last few years, it is still developing its customer base. Not to mention, the brand hasn’t built up as much of a reputation in the skating scene as companies that have been around for longer.

Due to this, you will find that Impala skates tend to have a greater level of availability. 

The same can’t be said for Moxi skates, however. There are some models such as the Moxi Lolly skates that can be quite difficult to find. As such, you may have to wait months for these skates to be back in stock. 

If you are in a hurry to buy a pair of skates, you may find that the Impala brand is a little more accommodating. Since their skates haven’t reached cult status yet, they tend to be more available to the public. 

Impala or Moxi Skates For Beginners

Beginner skates can be quite different to roller skates designed for professionals. This is because novice skaters have separate requirements. So, which brand holds up best here? 

Impala was essentially created for new skaters. As such, most of its skates have the features needed to help beginners perfect their balance and learn the necessary skills. The Impala Quad skates are equipped with excellent ankle support, have a snug fit, and durable yet lightweight plates and trucks. 

Moxi has some roller skates for beginners as well. This includes the Ivy Jungle model. They offer a smooth glide, while also providing maximum support. Since the lace-up features create a snug fit, these are a safer pair of skates as well. 

When it comes to options for beginners, it is a tie. Both Impala and Moxi skates have lines f even out in terms of features and advantages, making either one an excellent choice. 

Impala or Moxi Skates For Professionals

As mentioned, professionals have different requirements for their skates. For them, balance and support aren’t much of a concern. Instead, experienced skaters will focus more on maneuvering, speed, and how well the skates can accommodate various skills. 

Impala is more or less geared towards beginners. Due to this, it doesn’t have a line specifically for professionals. Experts can certainly use these skates, but they will find that it doesn’t help as much with flexibility and maneuverability as they would like. 

Moxi, on the other hand, has more range. As such, there are several options available for more advanced skaters. Here, the Moxi Lolly series is a particularly good investment. While it has enough stability for beginners, the shoes do help with maneuverability.

The overall design also encourages practice for hours at a time. 

There is no real competition in this case, as Moxi wins hands down. It has several options for experienced skaters and can meet various requirements. 

Impala vs Moxi Sizing

Sizing can be quite tricky with roller skates. Nevertheless, getting the right size is key for all skaters. It ensures comfort and improved balance and support. Which brand has the best offers for size? 

The sizing chart for Impala runs from US Women’s 1 (US Men 12Y) to US Women’s 11 (US Men 9). This means that the skate sizes run from 22cm (8.67 inches) to 27cm (10.62cm). It should be noted that each series also has different size options.

As you can see, the size range isn’t great here and skaters who wear in between sizes aren’t really catered to. 

With Moxi, however, there is more range. The kids’ sizes run from 10YTH (6 9/16 inches) to 3JR (8½ inches). The adult sizes are from US Women’s 5 (8 13/16 inches) to US Women’s 11.5 (10 11/16 inches). Not only is there a wider range here, but there is plenty of halves and in-between sizes too.

This makes it a more inclusive selection, overall. 

Moxi wins when it comes to size options as well. The brand offers a lot more sizes, making it suitable for children and adults. At the same time, there are also odd sizes for skaters who may have trouble finding their size with most other skate brands. 

Indoor and Outdoor Skates

Most skates are geared for either indoor or outdoor surfaces, while some do have hybrid options. So, which brand is better suited to indoor, outdoor, or something in between? Let’s find out.

Most Impala skate models are designed to be used indoors. The Quad skates wheels all have a hardness rating of 82a while the wheels are 58mm in diameter. Due to this, the skates are best used indoors. 

The Impala Unisex skates are a great hybrid option, though. There is a good balance between hardness and softness, providing enough traction, as well as gumminess, to ensure that these skates work on a wide variety of surfaces. 

Moxi is largely meant for the outdoors. One of the best outdoor options is the Beach Bunny. With a 78a hardness rating, these skates are soft enough to absorb an impact from even the hardest surfaces, like asphalt. The 58mm wheels also improve maneuverability on such surfaces.  

There is a Moxi Lolly Indoor version, complete with indoor wheels. However, this option isn’t widely available and will need to be specially ordered from the manufacturer. 

If you are looking for indoor roller skates, Impala is the winner. The brand also has a good hybrid option if you want the best of both worlds. In case you are interested in outdoor skates, Moxi will be your go-to brand. 

Types of Skating

As you know, there are different types of skating styles, each with their own requirements when it comes to stability, speed, and maneuvering. Therefore, these activities require skates that have been specially designed for these purposes. How do Impala and Moxi measure up?

Impala skates are all recreational or indoor skates. This means that they are great for practicing indoors or occasionally venturing out. Apart from this, you will find that they don’t have any additional features. 

Moxi skates are more or less meant for recreational skating. However, the Lolly and Beach Bunny skates are great for dance and session skating, though the style is more or less the same. 

Although Impala and Moxi don’t have much in the way of variety, Moxi does have skates that function as multi-purpose designs. 

Impala vs Moxi Quality

Quality, when it comes to skates, is important for many reasons. Better-built roller skates perform better, as you can imagine. This makes for a smoother glide and can result in better maneuvers and speedier performance.

Quality also means greater durability which will ensure that your skates last longer, particularly when using them outdoors. 

Impala holds its own when it comes to quality. There are PVC uppers and soles along with aluminum plates. This ensures a good performance and the skates hold up quite well. However, the durability of these isn’t great. As such, you can expect some wear and tear. 

The Moxi brand, on the other hand, has plates and trucks for beginners, intermediate, and professional skaters. As such, the quality and durability of these components will automatically go up with each level. 

While Moxi does have some skates with nylon uppers, most of them are made from heavy-duty suede. This holds up a bit better to wear and tear, although some of these skates can be easily scuffed. 

In terms of quality, Moxi wins the category. It has heavy-duty, well-designed features that work to improve performance as well as durability. 

Impala vs Moxi Comfort

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a professional – comfort is important for all skaters. The comfort level of skates is determined by the stiffness of the boots as well as the inner lining. Less stiff boots with thicker linings are the best. 

Impala skates do have a decent amount of lining, minimizing the chafing that occurs when you are trying to break in. However, the boots do have a tendency to be a bit stiffer than usual. As such, beginner skaters may find this difficult to deal with.

Moxi has gone to great lengths to add comfort to their skates. While they aren’t soft, you don’t have to worry about them being too stiff either. The lining is also quite thick.

As an added bonus, many of these skates come with moisture-wicking lining which prevents sweat from accumulating inside the boot. 

All things considered, Moxi skates do offer the best when it comes to comfort. It is especially great for people who are new to skating. 

Impala vs Moxi roller skates review: The Winner

Moxi does win in more categories than Impala, making the brand the clear winner of this competition. The skates are simply designed better and are suitable for a larger number of skaters. Not to mention, they are high-quality skates as well. 

If you are a beginner who is hesitant to make much of an investment with your skates, then Impala skates are a good option. They are specially built for new skaters, offer options for indoors and outdoors, and are quite comfortable as well. Check out our top best skates for beginners here.

In case you’re looking for a pair of skates that will accommodate you as you get better, Moxi skates are the better option. These are well-suited for skaters of all levels, offering a pretty impressive performance across the board. 

This is our comparison of Impala and Moxi skates. If any of the models in this review catch your eye, go ahead and head over to Amazon. You are sure to find a multitude of sizes, designs, and price options available there.

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