How Old Do You Have to Be to Roller Skate? Does Age Matter? 2024

how old do you have to be to roller skate
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How old do you have to be to roller skate? This is the question that every roller skating professional / coach / blogger / shopkeeper hears at least 3 times a day. Am I too young? Am I too old? Does age matter or not? Is it okay for my child to roller skate at the age of five?

And that’s completely natural. Have you noticed that you question your age before starting roller skating and not jogging? The reason is that roller skating can look a bit too intimidating. It’s because the sport looks cool, requires balance, and needs a bit of practice as opposed to running or jogging, which everyone already knows how to do.

In this article, we’ll discuss age requirements for all the folks out there who want to dabble their feet a bit into roller skating and see what it’s like. So without further delay, let’s keep going.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Roller Skate? Does Age Matter When It Comes to Roller Skating?

No, it doesn’t. Roller skating does not require you to be in your teens or twenties. You can roller skate whenever you want or however you want, no matter how old or young you are. Okay, there may be some legit reasons to not roller skate, like a medical condition, injury, or other weakness. But other than that, age is not a reason to stop roller skating.

Why Don’t Old People Or Young Kids Roller Skate?

Here are the potential factors.

1. Fear of Society / What Would Others Think?

99% of the time, that’s the reason why most of the population on Earth won’t do what they want to do. As the person becomes older, they start caring about what other people think about them. Which is simply why they can’t do things they want to do.

These annoying thoughts keep creeping in your mind.

  • “What would people think if I roller skate at this age?”
  • “I don’t belong at the skatepark.”
  • “Is this even appropriate for my age?”
  • “Skatepark is a place for teenagers.”
  • “Younger kids would make fun of me.”
  • “Older kids would try to hurt me.”
  • “Roller Skating is too dangerous for young kids like me.”
  • “Roller skating is for older kids.”
  • “Kids like me can’t roller skate.”
  • “Roller skating is for girls.”

Let me bust these myths and stereotypes right here and right now. You can’t let these petty things bring you down. Life is too short to not do the things you love. If you’re a healthy 70 year old, or a determined 3 year old, go for it.

2. Self-Consciousness

As you grow older, you start noticing your body getting weaker. You become disheartened and give up on every sport out there. There’s always this voice at the back of your mind discouraging you from trying new stuff.

  • “Roller skating? No, I’m too old.”
  • “My legs don’t work the way they used to.”
  • “I would probably be gassed as soon as I start.”
  • “A light fall would just break my weak legs.”

But the thing is, you can still roller skate with a body that’s a little weaker than others. Technically speaking, roller skating does not require strength, but technique, which you can very much learn simply by practicing.

And if you’re thinking that your legs don’t work anymore due to age, then know that there are a lot of younger people out there with weaker legs who still roller skate. It’s not like you’re running for a world championship or something, right? You just want to get a light workout and have fun.

So don’t let your age hold you back.

3. Fear of Falling / Danger

This is a legit reason. Everybody, whether they be kids, teens or old people, have this fear of falling when it comes to roller skating.

There are moms who think roller skating is too dangerous for their child. And there are old people who think that falling will break their legs or something.

Let me tell you this; if you drink milk, wear safety gear, and not do crazy things (backflips, verts and jumps), then you’re good to go. A 3 year old and similarly a 50 year old with relatively average bone strength, won’t break them just by roller skating.

I guarantee that you or your child won’t get injured if;

  • Skate carefully
  • Wear safety gear
  • Not do crazy stuff like jumps, verts, or backflips

When you fall with safety gear on, you feel like you’re falling on a pillow. So you won’t get injured at all, with safety gear.

4. Medical Condition Due to Age

Things can get a little complicated, if you have a prior medical condition due to age. The best thing you can do is check in with your doctor. Tell them that you want to pick roller skating. And they’ll decide the best course of action for you.

For some people, their medical condition may be mild and can be managed through simple treatments. Others might not be able to roller skate at all due to their condition. It all depends on whether you meet the minimum requirements to roller skate.

If you can’t stand, walk, or do a light run, then you can’t roller skate. Similarly, if you can’t stand up for more than 10 minutes then you can’t roller skate. If you can’t see, then you can’t roller skate.

Am I Too Old To Roller Skate?

It’s a fact that older people are generally more prone to serious injuries than younger people. It’s also a fact that older people have less strength and weaker legs than younger people. Depleting stamina and joint pains are also more evident in older people.

But does this mean that old people can’t roller skate? Hell no.

If you’re healthy, your legs can walk, and you can walk for 30 minutes straight, yes, then you can roller skate. Roller skating does not require a young age, but an average functioning body.

What Do Other People Have to Say?

I’m 59, and I don’t let my age stop me from doing what I want to do. I typically workout 3 days a week, and I also mountain bike 2 to 3 days during the week as well. I intend to do this for as long as I am able.

Mike Tatreau at Quora

“I will be 63 in August and have just bought a new skateboard . Actually I have 4 and 2 surfboards. Last year I put on my old roller skates and went to the rink and broke my wrist. So take care enjoy as is a fun way to keep fit.”

Chuck Maddison at Quora

“I am 76 and would love to go ice skating if I could find a place…lol. Seriously, as long as you take care of your body and have the mindset to do it, you are never too old to learn or try anything new. Enjoy.”

Sheryl Hodges at Quora

It’s a fact that roller skaters over 80 years old do exist. If they can do it then so can you. According to a study, the average age for roller skating is 40 years old. According to, 25 % of roller skaters are above the age of 35. Yes, not 16 but 35. So you’ve been worrying about nothing.

“I just love to skate. I have a family… I show them what I can do. You’re never too old!”

76 year old roller skater, Frank at Indy Jamma James Youtube Channel

People like these are an inspiration to everyone around the world, who love to roller skate but some insecurities are holding them back. Never let anything hold you back from doing what you love. That’s my advice for you all.

Is My Child Too Young To Roller Skate?

Moms worry about their kids a lot. It’s how nature works. For all the moms out there, who’ve been thinking if they should let their kids roller skate or not, you can let your kid roller skate if;

  • Your kid is above 3 years of age and is comfortable with walking and running.
  • Your kid is sensible who won’t run off into dangerous places like roads filled with traffic, or high verts or ramps.
  • Your kid is not left unsupervised if he’s from age 3 to 8.
  • Your kid is wearing all the necessary safety gear like helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards.
  • Your kid does not skate in an area concentrated with high-speed older skaters.

Fulfill these conditions before sending your kid off to roller skating. Of course, if your kid is too young, they need supervision. If you meet all the above conditions, roller skating for 30 minutes daily is a really healthy activity for your kid.

What Do Other People Have to Say?

“I have done skating for almost 17 years. I learnt Skating at the age of 4, & don’t recall any injuries which occurred to me while learning . Learning at younger age gives you the advantage to learn quickly, without any inhibitions.” 

Sukriti Abrol at Quora

“I personally started skating at four years old. I have seen children start at three years old, too. I don’t recommend starting younger than that. It really depends on their overall interest in the sport.”

Mimi Nebula at Quora

“Hold your child’s hand while she is learning the basic skills. Another effective way to help her learn the skill is to support her underneath her armpits while skating behind her.”

Leon Brown at Quora

I see young skaters all the time. Moms come, drop off their 4 year olds at the skatepark, and go off, without a care in the world. Skating with proper safety gear is really safe for children. It’s probably because they’re light, and don’t fall that hard.

What Are the Minimum Requirements to Start Roller Skating?

Let me tell you beforehand that to fulfill these requirements; age doesn’t matter. Being too old or too young doesn’t matter. So don’t get disheartened just yet.

1. The Skater Must Be Able To Walk

To start learning to roller skate, the skater must be able to walk or do a light jog for at least 30 minutes.

A lot of older folks out there need a walking stick to walk. Some, who don’t require walking sticks, still can’t walk for 30 minutes straight. I would recommend them to not pick roller skating. Instead, they should work on keeping their health in check. But if you’re old and can walk, then you can roller skate.

Most young kids are able to walk and run comfortably at the age of 3. Of course, some are faster while others take a while. You can get your baby into roller skating the moment they’re able to walk and run comfortably, which is the age of 3 on average.

2. The Skater Must Be Able To See

Isn’t it obvious? Just like driving, roller skating also requires sight. Your sight may deplete when you grow older. If your sight is not enough to maneuver and see where you’re going, then you can’t roller skate. But a lot of older folks do have perfect eyesight. They can definitely roller skate.

3. The Skater Must Be Able to Take Falls

Just know that there’s a lot of falling on roller skates. Safety gear greatly reduces the risk of injuries due to falling. Still, if you’re old and can’t take falls, then you can’t roller skate. Jogging or simply walking would be a better alternative.

If you’re afraid of your child falling and getting bruised, then make them wear safety gear. Your child won’t get bruised or injured just by having knee pads. But if your child is soft hearted and cries with every fall, you should probably wait a few more years before getting them to roller skate.

Final Tips

Here are my final tips for all the elderly people and 3 year old roller skaters out there.

  • Wear a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards (and maybe hip pads too).
  • Don’t skate in crowded areas – Most injuries occur from people bumping into each other.
  • Don’t do dangerous tricks, like 6 feet jumps, and backflips.

Do your best to comply with my advice, and have fun. Nothing can stop you.


So ready to head to the skate rink with your new pair of roller skates? I support you from all my heart. Show those folks what you’re made of. No matter what your age, other roller skaters will encourage and support you. No matter how old or young you are, you’ll find a friend your age. So don’t let these petty things hold you back from doing what you love.

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Good luck and have fun skating. Bye!

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