Do Roller Skates Have a Weight Limit?  And What if I’m Too Fat?

Do Roller Skates Have a Weight Limit?
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Do Roller Skates Have a Weight Limit? Well, there are a lot of brands that do mention the weight limit. Most roller skates on the market have a general weight limit of 220 lbs. Some skates do go over 275 lbs, but they’re not available all the time everywhere.

If you have some questions regarding roller skates and their weight limits, you’re at the right place. And let me tell you beforehand that even if you’re overweight, you can roller skate without any worries. So stay tuned and keep rocking.

Do Roller Skates Have a Weight Limit?

What Is ‘Weight Limit’ in Roller Skates?

The term ‘weight limit’ is used to describe the amount of pressure a roller skate can withhold. So when the weight limit is exceeded, supposedly, there are chances for the roller skate to damage or even worse, break.

Roller skates for kids have a weight limit of 60 kg, however most skates are exactly 100 kg. This might be a good thing and a bad thing.

The good thing is that a lot of people are under 100 kg. But the bad thing is that there are people who are over 100 kg. Now, you might get discouraged and think that roller skating is not you. And that’s why I’m here to tell you that roller skating really is for you.

Am I Too Fat to Roller Skate? The Answer is NO

No, of course not. Even though a lot of people make unnecessary comments about obesity, just know that they’re wrong. And I’m not saying this to make you feel better, we’ll be looking at obesity and roller skating objectively. I’ll also be compiling my thoughts honestly.

Being overweight often makes you feel inferior and embarrassed. You become shy, introverted and reserved. You feel like you won’t be able to roller skate ever in your life.

Weird questions start blocking you from having your fair share of fun.

  • Am I too fat to roller skate?
  • Would people notice me and stare a lot?
  • Would people make fun of me?
  • Would other roller skaters bully me?
  • Am I too ‘uncool’ to roller skate?
  • Is roller skating only for skinny people?
  • Why is there a weight limit on roller skates?
  • Would the skates break under my weight?
  • What if I fall? Will I be able to get up?
  • Would I look too weird?
  • Should I pick a new sport?
  • Should I quit?

These questions are really annoying and bring your self esteem down by 10 folds. That’s why, in this article, I’m going to convey a message to all the fat people out there. So go ahead and keep reading.

I have a friend who was heartbroken when she bought her first pair of roller skates, and then saw the weight limit on them. Don’t worry, she’s fine now.

Would My Skates Break If I’m Over the Weight Limit? 

If you’re talking about one of those plastic roller skates for kids, yes, then they might break. Even the weight of a skinny adult might break the skate. And good luck fitting your feet into those shoes.

However, if you buy skates that have a weight of 220 lbs, they would probably be able to support you.

I’ve seen people over 300 lbs skating on 220 lbs. And guess what, the skates didn’t break, while a lot of skinny people broke their skates. Now this doesn’t mean that your skates won’t ever break. Things break and nothing lasts forever.

But keep in mind that if your skates break within the first few weeks of roller skating, it’s not because of your weight, but the fault of your manufacturers. Professional roller skates shouldn’t break right away, even if the person riding them exceeds the general weight limit.

Can I not Skate On Nylon Quad Plates If I’m Fat?

You can skate on nylon quad plates even if you’re fat. Are you surprised? Well, you probably are. Why does everybody tell us that if we’re fat, we can’t use nylon plates, we’re better off with aluminium plates?

Let me debunk some common misconceptions, and tell you that in real life, there are lots of fat people who skate on nylon plates. And their plates didn’t break, even for years. You know why? Because weight isn’t related to quad plates breaking.

Quad plates break if you’re too rough with them, which means that you do really aggressive style skating, like jumping and backflips. Not because you’re overweight.

How to Feel Confident in Your Bodyweight While Roller Skating?

The Term ‘Fat’ Is Not ‘Offensive’

First of all, you need to understand that everyone has a different body. Some are skinny and some are fat. But what’s important is that, whatever your body type is, you are aesthetically beautiful, whatever the society’s standards are. So, the term fat should not be offensive, exactly how the term skinny should not be offensive.

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

People often tell people with higher bodyweight, to diet and lose weight. But it’s not as easy as it seems. Some people just can’t lose weight even if they eat healthy and exercise regularly. What’s important is that you’re active, you eat healthy and maintain a healthy lifestyle. As long as you do that, you’re beautiful.

Be a Rebel

I understand that the world is unfair towards people who do not fit into the so-called ‘standards.’ However, you should try to toughen yourself up and not let these petty things get in your way of having fun. Rebel your heart out against society. Being a roller skater rebel is the coolest thing in the world.

Make Friends Who Are Like You

Make real friends who support you. You can also hang out with other roller skaters who face the same problem as you. If all of you hang out together, you would never feel insecure about your weight

Have Role Models Who Are Like You

Having a heavyweight roller skater role model helps you a lot in your roller skating journey. You would probably view your role model as ‘cool.’ And when you see that they can roller skate, then you can roller skate too.

There are plenty of cool roller skaters who do a wide variety of difficult tricks, while being fat. You can find them anywhere on the internet. There are plenty of online communities as well.

Roller Skating Community is the Sweetest

You might think that roller skating is for all those ‘cool’ skinny people, who are talented and have the optimal body type. But you’re wrong. The roller skating community is as sweet as it can get. They would never care about your looks, body, background etc. They’re always on the lookout for new friends.

Everybody’s Busy Judging Themselves To Have Time to Judge You

Here’s a little psychology secret. Most people you see around you are self conscious. They don’t have time to judge you because they’re busy being self conscious about themselves. And if someone harasses you because of your weight, then that’s just because they themselves have an inferiority complex. Those people are not worth your time.

Skate For Fun Rather Than Competition

Life is a journey, not a competition. Roller skating is the jump. There’s nothing wrong with being a little competitive; it’s a good quality to have. However, sometimes, this quality can have negative effects, and we’ve heard enough speeches about determination and passion.

There will always be people, who will be better than you at a skill. So instead of focusing all your energy on surpassing your rivals, you should focus on having fun. Know that your friends are precious and you need to spend time with them as much as possible. Know that you’re your own rival, and no one else.

This way, not only will you mentally strong, but also have lots of fun, which is the entire purpose of roller skating.

Roller Skating Tips for Fat People

Can you roller skate if you’re fat? We already know that you can. It’s a fact that’s been proven by countless pro roller skaters.

Here are some roller skating tricks for fat people.

Be Persistent With Your Roller Skating

When you’re overweight, you will find that some things are more difficult for you than other people. I would not be surprised if you’re heartbroken.

However, don’t be discouraged. Everybody has different experiences in life. It’s all about your roller skating experience, not anybody else’s.

Even if some tricks and techniques don’t come to you as fast as other people, keep trying to figure it out. Because it’s impossible to not progress in roller skating if you’re persistent. Just know that everybody faces learning blocks, and it has nothing to do with one’s body or physical capacity.

It’s Okay To Get Tired

When you start a new sport, you get tired easily. You might think that you get tired because you’re fat. But that’s simply not true. You get tired because you haven’t been moving your body for a long time.

It’s okay to get tired while roller skating, because roller skating is an aerobic sport. There’s also no shame in taking a short rest after every few minutes of roller skating. You picked roller skating to improve your stamina, right? Well, it won’t improve right away, because everything takes time.

Before you know it, you’ll be feeling more active, after just a few weeks of roller skating. And that’s what we call a healthy lifestyle.

Buy Roller Skates With The Highest Weight Limit

The weight limit on roller skates is there for a reason. And we can’t disregard it that quickly. You can roller skate even if you’re above the weight limit. However, it’s still better to choose your skates carefully.

Most skates have a weight limit of 220 lbs. There are a few skates that go up to 250 lbs. It’s good if you get skates with a weight limit of 250 lbs. But the 220 lbs roller skates will also do.

You just need to make sure to buy your roller skates from a reputable brand where the quad plates are high quality. Good nylon plates are good if you’re just going for a small stroll, however if you’re doing heavy aggressive tricks, you should opt for an aluminium plate.

Wear Your Safety Gear 

This tip goes for every roller skater out there. But for fat people, it’s a must. When you are overweight, and you fall, it puts a lot more impact on your body than normal.

However, there’s also a perk to being fat while falling. Your arms and backs are stronger and cushier, so when you fall, you feel less impact. However, if all your pressure goes onto a single joint, that’s dangerous.

That’s why a helmet and knee pads are necessary. Knee pads are the best part of all your safety gear, because most injuries occur on the knees.

Fall Safely

In roller skating, falls happen everywhere. If someone says that they don’t ever fall, they’re lying. What you need to do is to laugh it off like other roller skaters, and get back up again.

Now, there’s the concern for safety. It’s true that when you have a body with higher weight, there’s more impact. But keep in mind that your body is also more cushy. That will definitely minimize the effects of the fall.

You need to learn how to fall safely. To be safe after falling, you need to avoid falling on fragile parts like your wrists, head, and tailbone. Learn how to fall on your knees rather than your wrists or your tailbone.

How to Get Up

Let’s be honest, it’s difficult to get up after you fall when you’re fat. But let me assure you; that’s only a problem when you’re a beginner. After you fall a few times, you’ll be able to get up like a pro.

If you can’t get up, crawl to a support on your \knees, put your weight on the support and get up with that. It’s easy, right? Also, everybody falls, so don’t get embarrassed. You can also practice a few times at home. It’s really more about experience, rather than body type.


Roller skating weight limits are good, but they also put a lot of people off. There are countless people who are not roller skating just because they’re fat. Roller skating has become popular during the pandemic.

It’s also attracting a lot of attention from people who are looking to stay fit and healthy. So roller skating companies must increase the manufacture of roller skates with higher weight limits. Because a great portion of roller skaters have high body fat, including the countless roller derby players.

I hope this article helped you in some way.

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