Best Roller Skate Cushions/Bushings (2024)

best roller skate cushions

The best roller skate cushions are the Sure-Grip Super cushions.

Back in the day, I stuck with the cushions that my roller skates came with like most beginners. It wasn’t until I talked to a professional roller skater that I realized the importance of high-quality cushions. From the moment I swapped out the generic version for the real deal, there was no going back.

I chose the Sure-Grip Super cushions because they improve both the comfort and performance features of the skates. They are also highly durable and are compatible with numerous skates.

Everyone is looking for something different with their cushions – balance, maneuverability, quality, etc. This is why I included some of my other top picks to ensure that you find just what you are looking for.

The Best Roller Skate Cushions/Bushings

Here are the best overall picks for roller skate cushions:

Sure-Grip Super Cushions – Best Overall


  • Type: Barrel
  • Hardness:  72A, 79A, 85A, 93A
  • Compatibility: Sure-Grip Avanti, Avenger, Probe, Probe NTS, Rock, Century, Century NTS, Super X, Jogger, Competitor

Improved Feel and Performance

If you want to boost your overall performance, these are the cushions to help you out. They have been designed to increase the return of energy when compressed. This allows for smoother transitions with less effort from you.

At the same time, they offer greater balance and control. I have found them to be especially helpful on smoother floors with little traction. Overall, it makes for a much more comfortable and tight performance.

You should be warned that the softer cushions are incredibly soft. Therefore, you may want to start with a harder option if you aren’t used to this.

Great Durability

These are good-quality cushions, made from high-quality, high-rebound urethane. This means that these cushions can stand up to some serious wear and tear. If you skate often, these cushions are going to be able to hold up to a regular level of use.

Good Compatibility

These cushions have been designed for Sure-Grip skates and it does support a larger number of models. In general, though, these cushions boast a decent level of compatibility with numerous brands and will fit many double-action plates and trucks.


  • Boosts comfort and performance
  • Highly durable
  • Good compatibility

  • Some cushions are too soft

Bont Roller Skate Cushions – Best for Improved Maneuvering


  • Type: Top Cone/Bottom Barrel
  • Hardness: 78A, 83A, 88A, 93A
  • Compatibility: Bont Prodigy, Tracer, Zeus, Infinity and Athena

Boosts Maneuvering

If you love to race, practice derby, or are just a competitive roller skater in general, these are the ideal cushions for you. As soon as you insert them, you will notice an immediate difference in how you skate.

You will be able to tackle sharper angles easily and your skates will respond to every turn, curve, and stop you make.

Great Compatibility

Although these cushions are primarily made for Bont plates, I have found them to have a near-universal fit. As long as the plates meet the necessary requirements, you will have no problem getting these cushions to fit. Everyone can enjoy them.

Ability to Mix and Match

There are skates that accept both top conical and bottom barrel cushions. This can be tricky to find, especially when shopping online. With these Bont cushions, though, you can easily mix and match and get your preferred performance.

The only issue is that lighter skaters may not be able to find a softer cushion that is right for their weight.


  • Improves maneuvering
  • Good compatibility
  • Can mix and match

  • Softer options are not available

Snyder Roller Skate Cushions


  • Type: Barrel
  • Hardness: x-soft, soft, medium, hard, x-hard
  • Compatibility: Super Deluxe, Super Deluxe Lite, Dance Deluxe, Dance Deluxe Lite, Imperial, Imperial Lite, Dance Imperial, Dance Imperial Lite, and standard Royal Plate

Great Performance

When you switch out your cushions for the Synder ones, you can feel the difference. These cushions offer comfort, support, and balance. You can move more easily and maneuver without any difficulty too.

The only downside is that these cushions come with a hefty price tag.

Highly Durable

A lot of care has gone into the design and construction of these cushions. Only the best materials have been used, producing a high-quality cushion that will last longer.

Good for All Skaters

It doesn’t matter if you are a lightweight, novice, or experienced, you can find cushions for everyone. This allows you to improve your performance regardless.


  • Improves performance
  • Good quality
  • Good for all skaters

  • Expensive

Atomic Skates Bionic Bushings


  • Type: Conical
  • Hardness: 80a, 85a, and 91a
  • Compatibility: Atomic Skates

Great Response and Performance

There is a noticeable difference with these cushions when you put them on. Your roller skates will feel more responsive and your performance improves as a whole.

The only disadvantage is that there aren’t any options for very soft or hard cushions.

Highly Durable

These are high-quality cushions which means they are designed to withstand constant use and abuse. They will remain with you for quite a while, making them a good investment.

Good Compatibility

They are designed for Atomic Skates but you will find that they are compatible with many different plates. You can enjoy great performance with lots of different skates.


  • Great response
  • Durable
  • Good compatibility

  • Limited hardness options

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most commonly asked questions about roller skate cushions:

1. How Do I Choose Roller Skate Cushions?

When choosing roller skate cushions, you need to pay attention to the hardness level, compatibility, and quality. It is also important to take your weight and roller skating tendencies into consideration.

2. Can You Use Skateboard Cushions on Roller Skates?

It is best to use roller skate cushions for roller skates for better compatibility and performance.

3. How Often Should You Replace Roller Skate Cushions?

You can replace the cushions every two years or whenever you notice a drop in feel and performance.


The Sure-Grip Super cushions are certainly the best of the best. These cushions are great for improving how well you skate while simultaneously making your skates more comfortable. They also can be used for longer and are compatible with many different skates.

It is best to go through all the cushions on this list, though. By checking out what each has to offer, you will come one step closer to finding the perfect cushions for you.

If you are not sure which roller skates to buy, check out our post on the best roller skates for beginners.

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