Best Quad Skates for Beginners

Of the five roller skates on this list, I chose the XUDREX roller skates as the best quad skates for beginners.

So, why is this my top pick? Well, I have been a roller skating instructor for many, many years. And during this time, I’ve taught kids, teens, and adults how to master roller skates. As a result, I’ve figured out what you should be looking for when choosing a pair of skates for beginners. 

The XUDREX roller skates just have exactly what I would look for when selecting skates for someone who is just starting out. This includes balance, support, and safety. 

That being said, these skates aren’t the only great pair out there. In fact, there are several out there that I really like for beginners. Here they are: 

The Top Quad Skates for Beginners

Here is a list of the best roller skates for beginners:

XUDREX Roller Skates – Best Overall


  • Sizes: 37/US 5 to 45/US 10
  • Use: Indoors and Outdoors
  • Boot Material: Cowhide Leather
  • Wheel Material: Polyurethane

Safe Design

The feature that makes these roller skates ideal for beginners is that they have been specifically designed to be safe. One of the main reasons for this is the ABEC 5 bearings. They make the skates more stable and offer additional support. Due to this, there’ll be barely a wobble when you put them on.


The shoe body is made from cowhide which makes for an incredibly soft interior, so you can comfortably wear them for an extended period. To add to this, the shoes have been created for a more snug fit.

Therefore, you get to enjoy a specially designed buckle closure, hook-and-loop fastener, strong belt, and safety buckle.

It should be noted that the skates run a bit large. So, it may take some trial and error to figure out the right size for you.


Not sure if you’ll be doing most of your skating indoors or outdoors? Well, these are the perfect skates for you. They work well regardless of your environment. Due to this, you can learn to skate anywhere and ensure that your skates will support you.

Great Style

Style may not be the most important factor about your skates, but there is no denying that it matters. Well, you won’t go wrong with these skates. They have a retro look that still manages to appear quite modern. What’s more, they look high quality as well and come in two color options: black and blue.

There are even some great choices for the wheels and you can select from black, clear, and flash wheels.


  • Safety features
  • Comfortable
  • Good for indoor and outdoor use
  • Stylish


  • Sizes can be a little big  

Crazy Skates Rolla Roller Skates – Best for Kids 


  • Sizes: Boys and Girls j11 – j13
  • Use: Indoor and Outdoor
  • Boot Material: Canvas
  • Wheel Material:  Urethane

Safe and Supportive Design

If the skates are for your kids, you can never be too careful. This is a concept that these skates embody. The wheels have a far better grip than most other skates, making it easier for your child to glide smoothly along without having to worry about taking a tumble.

The ABEC 5 chrome speed bearings and the high-impact chassis create a more stable base, eliminating any wobble. It also makes sure that the skates can handle some wear and tear without falling apart.

As an added bonus, the skate stops aren’t made from rubber but rather the same urethane material as the wheels. So, when your little one brakes, they are more likely to come to a complete stop. The sneaker-style design means that their ankles are suitably supported as well.

Comfortable and Familiar Design

If your child has never strapped on a pair of skates before, the sneaker design on these quad skates is going to make it easier for them to get used to. Not to mention, the upper portion of the skate has plenty of support so that they won’t feel so wobbly.

The only issue with the canvas sneaker design is that it tends to attract more scuffs than other kinds of skates.

Good for Indoor and Outdoor Surfaces

It doesn’t matter where your little one wants to learn how to skate because these quad skates are suitable for all kinds of surfaces, smooth or rough. Thanks to the urethane wheels and stops, the skates will glide smoothly over rinks, sidewalks, and more.


  • Incredibly safe
  • Supportive design
  • Comfortable design
  • Good for indoor and outdoor


  • Could be easily scuffed 

Chicago Skates Quad Skates – Best for Indoor Skating 


  • Sizes: 7 – 13
  • Use: Indoor
  • Boot Material: Imitation Leather
  • Wheel Material: Polyurethane

Specifically Made for Rinks

These skates haven’t just been designed to look like rink quad skates, they are the real deal. The oversized wheels with the large spoke core make these perfect for gliding on rink floors or any other smooth surface. Since the skates are equipped with adjustable chassis and trucks, you can easily change things up to suit your own style of skating.

The only thing to keep in mind is that the bearings are rather tight. Therefore, you will need to loosen them and break in the skates before they can feel comfortable enough for you.

Great for First-Timers

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t had much experience with skates as this pair will give you all the support you need. To start with, the extra-large wheels provide greater stability, making it easier for you to maintain your balance.

At the same time, the rubber stop on this pair is quite large as well. This means that even if you get a little wobbly on them, you will be able to instinctively brake and come to a complete stop.


If you are looking for a pair of sturdy and durable skates to invest in, look no further. These quad skates are quite tough and resistant to wear and tear. This is largely because of the 60mm urethane spoke core wheels with 608Z semi-precision speed bearings that offer greater traction and control, keeping your skates protected from typical wear and tear.


  • Great for smooth surfaces
  • Offers stability and control
  • Durable


  • Have to loosen up bearings 

Sure-Grip Boardwalk Skates – Best for Outdoor Skating


  • Sizes: 5 – 10
  • Use: Outdoor
  • Boot Material: Leather and Nylon
  • Wheel Material: Polyurethane

Ideal for Outdoor Use

If you are a beginner, skating outdoors can seem quite intimidating. After all, there are many obstacles you might need to watch out for. These Boardwalk skates help you navigate all these, though. This is mostly due to the large and bouncy wheels that allow you to sail across small cracks, twigs, and debris.

These features also afford a certain amount of comfort when you’re skating on sidewalks and parks. You will not have to worry about feeling every little bump in the road, making for a more pleasant and smooth skating experience.

You can also check out our comparison of sure grip vs riedell skates


The great outdoors can take a toll on your skates, especially if you use them often. That’s why this particular pair has been designed to withstand most of what you throw at it. The wheels and bearings are a lot sturdier than offerings from other brands. Therefore, you won’t feel like every little bump or twig is going to throw a wrench in the works.

The downside of this is that the boot can feel slightly more rigid than other skates you may have tried out. The good news, though, is that it will loosen up after a while. So just hang in there.

Great Design

The Boardwalk skates are unisex and look great on both men and women. This is a good pair of skates to own if you are looking for something stylish but want to steer clear of more retro designs. The tan color goes with virtually every outfit.


  • Comfortable and stable on outdoor surfaces
  • Durable
  • Versatile design


  • Can be rigid at first 

Impala Roller Skates – Best for Indoor and Outdoor Skating 


  • Sizes: US Men’s 9 and Women’s 11
  • Use: Indoor and Outdoor
  • Boot Material: PVC
  • Wheel Material: Polyurethane

Versatile Wheels

A lot of skate companies will claim that their skates can function both outdoors and indoors but this is rarely the case. These quad skates, though, live up to these claims and then some. You can easily switch between indoor and outdoor environments without having to change your wheels or make any adjustments at all.

What’s just as great is that your performance will be the same whether you are indoors or outdoors. You will feel as if you’re gliding regardless of whether you are at a rink or on a sidewalk. This makes it ideal for you to learn skills on various surfaces.

The only issue with these skates is that the construction isn’t too great, especially where the heel and wheel meet. Therefore, you may have to be more careful with how you use them. Fortunately, you should be able to glue the pieces back if they come apart.

Good Support

Most beginners need some ankle support and this is precisely what these Impala skates offer you. When they’re laced tight, the boot keeps your ankle in place, allowing you to get your maneuvers just right. This will also make it easier for you to stay upright and on the path.

Good Design

It can be tricky to find a pair of toned-down skates. However, this pair is chic while also complementing a wide variety of outfits. Not to mention, they are a good choice for both men and women. In case you are looking for a break from all the leather options, you’ll be pleased to know that these skates are vegan and PETA-approved.


  • Good for both indoors and outdoors
  • Great ankle support
  • Good vegan design


  • May not last as long as other designs 

You can read our detailed review of Impala skates here

Choosing the Best Quad Skates

Of course, you may be interested to know what features and details you need to keep in mind when shopping for quad skates. If so, check out this post on the top tips you should follow. This will make it far easier to find the right pair of skates for you. 


Here are some of the more frequently asked questions about quad skates for beginners:

1.      Which Skates are Best for Beginners?

Well, you will find that the XUDREX roller skates have the best to offer in terms of safety, comfort, and support.

2.      Are Quad Skates Easier Than Inline for Beginners?

Quad skates can offer you better control and are easier to balance on for some individuals. However, some people may find it easy to learn to skate on inline skates. It just comes down to ability and personal preference. There are different styles of skating styles with skates to match so if you want to know more about these before deciding on quads, then check out our post on the 7 fun types of roller skating here.

3.      How Do You Stop on Quads?

Quad skates have a large stop on the front of the skates. If you are skating and want to stop, drag one of your feet behind you and tilt the skate forward so that the stop comes in contact with the ground. This will help you gradually slow down. With practice, this will become easier.

The Final Verdict – The Best Quad Skates for Beginners

Well, to wrap things up, the XUDREX roller skates are the best options as far as quad skates for beginners go. They offer great balance, making it easier to stay upright and moving forward, no matter where you are. At the same time, they have been designed to support your ankles and body weight while keeping you safe.

Of course, you may require a different pair of skates depending on your preferred style or comfort level. If this is the case, go ahead and check out the various options available on this list. You just may find exactly what you are looking for there. Your search begins today.

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