Best Professional Inline Skate Brands

Some of the best professional inline skate brands on the market are EO Skates, Rollerblade, Powerslide, THEM, USD, and SEBA.

As a former professional aggressive rollerblader, I know a thing or two about pro brands. After all, I had to test out pair after pair to find out what worked best for me. While I don’t skate anymore, I still stay in touch with professional inline skaters who keep me up-to-date on the latest brands.

Best Professional Inline Skate Brands

So, if you are wondering about the inline skates that the pros use, I’ve got it locked in. Keep reading to see the brands and models that the top tier skaters stick to.

Pro vs. Beginner Inline Skate Brands

You may be wondering what the real difference between pro and beginner inline skate brands are. This is especially since many veteran companies offer novice-level skates.

The real difference is the kind of experience that you get from each of the brands. Companies that are focused on newcomers design skates boast stability, comfort, and safety. This means that features such as performance and speed take a backseat. Check out our post on best inline skates for beginners.

Pro brands, on the other hand, are all about performance and speed. This means that stability and even comfort can sometimes take a backseat. The skates produced by these companies are meant for aggressive or competitive rollerblading.

Many pro brands also make it a point to design their inline skates from durable materials that are of a higher quality. Interestingly enough, these skates tend to be lighter than the beginner versions. As you can imagine, they cost a great deal more too.

The Best Professional Inline Skate Brands

Let’s take a look at the brands that make pro inline skates better than anyone else:

EO Skates

EO Skates is a French brand that was founded in 2005 by Frédéric Ostrowsky and Eric LeGall, with Daniel Busser joining the team in 2010.

The main focus of EO Skates is speed skating. Their main contribution to this form of inline skating is their uber-light carbon steel frame. The company states that they have the lightest frames in the world.

EO Skates frames are used by some of the top inline skaters in the world such as Nolan Beddiaf and Martin Ferrie of the French Team for the World Inline Cup. What’s more, the brand has its very own EO World Team as well. Overall, EO frames are used in competitions regularly.

So, how do these frames help you as a skater? Well, the lighter frame doesn’t necessarily make the pair of skates faster. Instead, it makes it easier for a skater to accelerate and pick up speed. At the same time, it also boosts endurance which allows skaters to maintain a higher speed for longer.

Another advantage of the low weight is that it makes it easier for skaters to take turns more precisely and quickly. Once again, this comes in pretty handy during competitions. The frames also have a shorter length and lower height which improves overall responsiveness while skating.

As the frames are made from carbon fiber, though, they aren’t nearly as durable as some of the other brands. Thus, the EO frames aren’t meant for rough rounds or more casual forms of inline skating. They will absolutely deliver in competitions, however.


Rollerblade isn’t a newcomer to the inline skating scene by any means. In fact, they dominated the market so thoroughly at one point that the term “rollerblading” was coined because of how popular their skates were.

Although the company does make most of its money catering to the public, it also has several options for professional skaters as well. The brand is no stranger to competition as it frequently outfits pro inline skaters.

Rollerblade has perfected top-notch performance with its speed skates series. Leading the pack is the Powerblade Elite 125.

One of the top features of this skate is the boot. It is a heat moldable carbon design that has been designed to fit the wearer perfectly.

At the same time, the anatomical fit of the boot improves power transfer to create a more responsive performance. There are also the micro adjustable buckles that produce a more secure fit for every racer.

Another impressive feature is the extruded aluminum 3WD frames that boost power transfer and efficiency. The materials and design of the frame ensure that you get less vibration while also enjoying improved maneuverability.

Last, but not least, there are the elite performance hydrogen wheels. The patented urethane formula works to produce even less vibration, improving speed and performance across the board. The wheels have also been designed to last longer.


Although the Powerslide company was founded in 1994, they only began producing their own, in-house inline skates in 1997. Since then, they have become an industry leader with patented features such as Trinity, Swell, V. Skates, Doop skates, off-road skates, and the first composite speed skate.

One thing Powerslide is especially known for is its role in the rise in the popularity of triskates. The company didn’t invent them, but they certainly helped to push the design to the next level. As a result, you can find quite a few of these inline skates available to pros.

At the very top of the list is the Powerslide XXX. One of the features that stand out here is the asymmetrically shaped boot. The shell of the boot is made from carbon fiber and works to provide comfort, support, and a greater transference of power.

The other impressive feature is the XXX frame. It is made from aerospace quality aluminum and has undergone extruding and CNC machining. This frame ticks quite a lot of boxes. Although it is light, it boasts a durability that makes it a long-lasting investment.

At the same time, the frame is very stiff. This creates a much better transference of power and allows the skates to move forward more quickly but with less effort from the skater.

Of course, this isn’t the only notable design in Powerslide’s lineup. There is also the ICON Wind Tri. Another speed skate, the boot with this model is one of the most aerodynamic ones ever created. To add to this, there is also the strategically placed air-stripe material that reduces drag and makes accelerating a breeze.

Sporting the same XXX frame, the ICON Wind has other perks – the Matter wheels and the Wicked bearings. All of these work together to produce a high performance experience every time.

You can also check out the Powerslide Phuzion Radon skates


Of course, inline skating is a multi-category sport. While speed skating does tend to dominate the competition, there are other types of professionals. One of the more popular forms of inline skating is aggressive skating. THEM is the company that produces some of the top designs for this category.

A pro model that showcases the best of what THEM has to offer is the 909 Danny Beer model. These streamlined skates with their next-level design make it far easier to execute grind tricks. Every inch of this skate has been created with function and performance in mind.

To begin with, there is the boot mould, complete with a translucent shell. Thicker plastic has been strategically placed so that the skater gets better performance, while also ensuring that the boot is going to last that much longer.

Then, there are the lace holes that boast a traditional shape but with two extra cut-outs. This provides flex-points for grinds. As a result, pros can pull off tricks with greater precision and less effort.

The cuff is adjustable, allowing you to use it in a high or ride position. This means that depending on if you want flex or support, you can pick your preferred position. At the same time, you will find that you can ease off pressure points that most skaters tend to experience when flexing at the ankle on grinds.

The slightly raised heel absorbs shock more efficiently and energy transfer. The design also works to put your foot in the best possible place for extreme foot maneuvers.

Another feature to be admired is the soul kit. It is heavily shaped and tapered to produce excellent ergonomics for grind tricks. You will find that it is wider at the front and of a medium size. This helps to create a streamlined look that also translates to a more controllable experience.

Since the groove is shallow, pulling off Royale and groove tricks will be easier than before. You will be able to stick them with greater efficiency as well. As the soul plate has been thickened and reinforced, they are a lot more durable as well.

Finally, there is the newly designed frame. It utilizes a low h-block that is perfectly balanced, making it suitable for flat and anti-rocker setups. Adding to this, you have the low friction material of the frame that promotes fast sliding. The 30mm ride height creates a lower center of gravity that makes it easier for the skater to improve control.


Universal Skate Design, more commonly known as USD, has been a leader in the aggressive inline skating scene since the late 90s. What’s great about this company is that they are continuously improving and honing their designs, ensuring that each skate design is better than the last.

USD is also favored by some of the most prominent aggressive skaters on the scene. Even better, they have international acclaim. Inline skaters from all over the world use these inline skates to pull off some incredible feats.

One of the latest – and greatest – designs that USD has to offer is the Carbon Team XVIII. The boot is a softboot hybrid that has been set up for greater durability. Then, there is the new cuff that offers up better support and flexibility.

The cuff includes a v-cut that is compatible with the enhanced lining of the skate. As there is greater flex, you can expect less stress on the inner lining. This boosts endurance while also promoting the perfect heel lock and general performance.

The flex has also been improved thanks to the unique tongue, which is made up of different foams. Not only do you get perfect flex, but this feature is quite comfortable, greatly cutting down on the risk of chafing.

You will also find that USD has changed the internal structure. Due to this, the carbon is lower and has an improved shape. There are also more flex zones but you can guarantee that there is more than enough support to pull off any trick. The forward flex means that your jumps and landings are about to get a whole lot better.


When it comes to competition, SEBA is right in the thick of it. The brand sponsors the World Slalom Series as well as the World Skate Cross Series. However, this company is more in-tune with producing top-notch skates for the freestyle and freeride skaters.

One of the top designs from the manufacturer is the High Light Carbon Competition Skates. The carbon fiber shell has been ergonomically designed to provide support in strategic places. You will also discover that this feature is further improved by a triple point boot closure system.

The other notable feature is the carbon fiber cuff. This improves the existing precision of the boot while promoting both support as well as directionality. This is why it’s one of the top skates out there for freestyle.

The Deluxe V.2 rockered frames work to keep the weight down, while still offering excellent power transference and greater responsiveness. The rocker configuration also makes the skates more maneuverable, which in turn, makes it a complete weapon in competitions.

Another thing to appreciate here is the 7 Hole Energy Plate that acts as the bond between the frame and the boot. In addition to boosting performance and precision, it also lets you make lateral and vertical frame adjustments.

In Conclusion

These are some of the greatest professional inline skate brands on the market. They each have unique and high-quality designs, features, and elements to offer. Not to mention, they cover practically every discipline across the board.

If you want to take your performance to the next level, these are the brands you should check out. Now you know exactly which models to look for as well!

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