Best Knee Pads for Roller Skating – 2024

The best knee pads for roller skating are the Triple Eight KP 22 pads.

As someone who was heavily into quad vertical skating, I know a thing or two skating accidents – namely, losing balance and crashing to the ground. Furthermore, I came to appreciate the importance of keeping my knees safe pretty early on. This is why I did my due diligence by researching and testing out the top knee pad brands that I found on the market.

It is a lot trickier to find the right knee pads than most people assume. Not only do knee pads offer different levels of quality, but there are several types to choose from as well. Luckily for you, I have made these distinctions and picked out the best pairs for this list.

I have chosen the Triple Eight KP 22 pads as the best option because it offers the most protection. The hard shell, and impact resistant cap keeps your knees safe while the foam offers additional padding. The design is quite durable as well which means it won’t fall apart easily and you get a secure fit. Last, but not least, there are a lot of sizes to choose from.

Still, I know that every roller skater is looking for something different from their knee pads. This is why I have made it a point to include brands and models that cater to various age groups, roller skating techniques, and more.

Keep reading to find out what these are.

The Top Knee Pads for Roller Skating

Here is a rundown of the best knee pads for roller skating:

Triple Eight KP 22 Knee Pads – Best Overall


  • Materials: Foam and Ethylene Vinyl Acetate
  • Hard/Soft Shell: Hard Shell
  • Closure Type: Hook and Loop

Excellent Protection

The main reason you should love these knee pads is because they afford the maximum amount of protection. To begin with, there is the high-density, impact resistant hard shell cap. This feature makes these pads great for every activity from street skating to doing tricks, as they are more than capable of ensuring that you walk away after a fall.

The EVA memory foam provides you with an additional layer of padding that works to cushion any blows. Therefore, you won’t be left reeling after any nasty falls. Also, the memory foam feature ensures that the padding provides you with the same layer of protection every time.

High Quality Design

Of course, protection alone isn’t enough. It is also important to know that your knee pads can take a beating and offer just as much protection the next time around. This is precisely what these KP 22 pads do.

The hard shell cap is attached to the rest of the pad with reinforced divots. As a result, you won’t have to worry about the cap coming off every time you fall over. Instead, it will stand up to wear and tear time and time again.

Secure Fit

The knee pads have a hook and loop closure with an elastic top strap and a webbed bottom strap. These work incredibly well to keep the pads secure to your legs at all times. It doesn’t matter how long you skate, there is no risk of the pads slipping.

As an added bonus, the straps are pretty easy to work. This means that getting the pads on and off is a breeze to handle, even for those who are new to wearing roller skating safety gear.

Large Variety of Sizes

This brand and model have quite a few sizes for you to select from. This includes Junior, Small, Large, and X-Large. Therefore, you should eventually be able to find your size. The only issue is that sizing can be tricky, which means that it takes a while to find the perfect fit.


  • Excellent protection
  • Durable
  • Secure Fit
  • Large variety of sizes

  • Sizing is tricky

Simply Kids Pads – Best Knee and Elbow Pads for Toddlers


  • Materials: EVA Foam and Neoprene
  • Hard/Soft Shell: Soft Shell
  • Closure Type: Loop

Safe and Protective

The most important thing about these pads is that they do what they claim – keep your little ones safe. There are three layers of padding for the knees and elbows, which ensures that the impact is absorbed and then dissipated, leaving your child unharmed and ready to get back on their feet again.

What’s more, the pads have passed the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act Testing, proving that they are safe for children of all ages. Therefore, you can give these to your child and have peace of mind, knowing they will be well-protected.

Suitable for All Kids

Another plus point is that the pads are available for children of all ages. Therefore, you will be able to find sizes for your toddler as well as children who are slightly older. This is great if your child enjoys the product and wants to keep using it as they grow older.

It should be noted that the sizes tend to be for smaller-built children, however. If you have a child who is on the taller side or bigger for their age, you may find that the sizes run a bit small.


As every parent knows, comfort is key when trying to convince your child to wear anything, particularly something as constraining as knee pads. Fortunately, the non-padded portion of the padding is made from flexible neoprene that stretches in the way that your child does.

As a result, they won’t feel like their movements are constricted in any way. This feature is especially useful if your child is still getting the hang of roller skating.


Another advantage is that the material the padding is made from is quite breathable. This cuts down on the risk of your child sweating too much while wearing their pads. Once again, this encourages your little one to wear it without complaint.


  • Safe and protective
  • Suitable for many ages
  • Comfortable
  • Breathable

  • Sizes run small

187 Killer Pads Pro Knee Pads – Best for Heavy-Duty Skating


  • Materials: Foam, Nylon, and Plastic
  • Hard/Soft Shell: Hard Shell
  • Closure Type: Loop

Protects from Hard Impacts

If you are into aggressive street roller skating or love trying out tricks, especially on ramps, then these are the skates for you. The cap is made from highly durable plastic that protects your entire knee. This significantly reduces the risk of injury, even with more significant impacts.

The dual density foam adds even more cushioning which ensures that you don’t feel jarred or rattled when you do fall. All in all, you will be hard-pressed to find pads that offer better protection.

At the same time, you should appreciate that the pads look and feel a bit bulky. Unless you are into more aggressive forms of skating, it can be a bit much.

Customizable Cap

One of the trickier things to get right with knee pads is making them stay in place. Because everyone has different body proportions, it can be difficult to find pads that sit right on top of your knee and offer the maximum protection.

With these pads, though, this won’t be an issue. This is because they can be removed and adjusted as needed. Therefore, you can ensure that they are in the correct position each time you skate.

Secure Fit

It is also a lot easier to get a proper fit with these pads. The way the loops are designed allows them to be adjusted for legs of all sizes. At the same time, you can ensure that it fits you just right. You can also secure it tightly so that it won’t budge.


Just because these knee pads are meant for heavy-duty roller skaters doesn’t mean they won’t be comfortable. To begin with, they are made from a lightweight fabric that dries quite quickly, ensuring that your pads don’t get bogged down with moisture.

The other benefit is that the interior has been designed with seamless stitching. Thus, there are no raised ridges to irritate your skin. This also makes it easier to get a more secure fit without it cutting into your skin.


  • Protects from hard impacts
  • Customizable cap
  • Secure fit
  • Comfortable

  • Bulky design

G-Form X2 Pro Knee Pads – Best for Full Coverage


  • Materials: Silicone
  • Hard/Soft Shell: Hard-Soft Shell
  • Closure Type: Pull-on

Greater Coverage

Yes, the entire point of knee pads is to make sure that your knees are protected against impact. However, when you fall, you also tend to run the risk of skinning your shins and the lower portion of your thighs. The good news is that this won’t be the case with the X2 Pro pads.

They begin well above your knees and end halfway down your shins. While the material is not as thick as around the knees, you are still afforded more protection than many other pads. This can save you some uncomfortable scratches in the long run.

The only issue with the fabric is that it can begin to tear with continuous, harder impacts and this is something that you will need to watch out for.

Smart Flex Technology

These pads are the perfect balance between hard and soft shells. This is thanks to the use of Smart Flex technology. When you are roller skating, the pad appears soft and flexible, making it easy to maneuver and pull off tricks.

If you fall and hit the ground, the cap on top of your knee immediately hardens and takes the brunt of the impact. After the impact, the shell goes back to being pliable, ensuring that you get the best of both worlds.

Secure Fit

If you are tired of your knee pads constantly slipping out of place, then this is a good alternative. Since you pull the pads all the way over your knee, it sits securely at all times. This ensures that you don’t have to waste time making adjustments.

The other benefit is that this fabric can stretch and contract as needed. Due to this, it can fit a number of different roller skaters quite easily.


This material is incredibly breathable, ensuring that you don’t feel uncomfortable during longer rides or on especially hot days. To add to this, there are strategically placed vents to ensure that the air circulates properly.

Even if you do get sweaty, the fabric is made from moisture wicking material that allows it to dry far more quickly.


  • Greater coverage
  • Excellent protection
  • Secure fit
  • Comfortable

  • Can rip with major falls

Bodyprox Protective Knee Pads – Best for Speed Skating


  • Materials: Polyester, EVA Foam, and Rubber
  • Hard/Soft Shell: Soft Shell
  • Closure Type: Pull-On

Freedom of Movement

If you enjoy speed skating or other forms of roller skating that require flexibility, then you will love what these knee pads have to offer. They have been designed to allow plenty of freedom of movement, allowing you to twist, turn, and make sudden movements as needed.

As a result, you won’t suffer from any limitations or restrictions as you would with hardier or more rigid knee pads. These pads are also a good option for pro roller skaters who aren’t as worried about falling over.

Good Level of Protection

Despite their lightweight profile, these pads do offer you a good amount of protection. The area around the knee is raised and contains padding. This helps to dissipate energy from any impact on the ground and can help to stave off bruises and scratches as well.

However, they will not offer you the same level of protection as tougher or hard shell knee pads. Due to this, they won’t help as much if you engage in more aggressive forms of skating.

Secure Fit

Fit and adjustment won’t be an issue with these pads. They simply have to be pulled up over the knee and are held in place with a compression design. As the pads sit so high up above the knee, they will be kept in place regardless of how much you move around. Thanks to this, there is no need for any readjustment, even when you are roller skating for longer stretches of time.


The material is lightweight and breathable and doesn’t feel at all like other knee pads. They are quite comfortable and won’t cause any irritation even when worn for long periods. This makes them a good choice to wear on a regular basis.


  • Freedom of movement
  • Good level of protection
  • Secure fit
  • Comfortable

  • Not suitable for major falls

Pro-Tec Street Knee Pads


  • Materials: Plastic and Neoprene
  • Hard/Soft Shell: Hard Shell
  • Closure Type: Loop

Excellent Level of Protection

If you want to make sure that your knees stay well-protected regardless of the impact, then these are certainly a good option. The cap is made from heavy duty plastic that has been designed to withstand falls and to still ensure that you walk away unhurt.

With these pads, the area just above your knee also contains a significant amount of padding. This, too, works quite well to soften any blows and prevent scratches and other minor injuries. All in all, there is nothing to worry about.

Flexible Design

A significant portion of the knee pads are made from neoprene. As such, it is quite flexible and moves along with the joints and natural movements of your legs. Due to this, you will never feel as if your movements are being restricted in any way.

This makes it a good option for all kinds of skaters. Even if you are trying to pull off tricks or speed up, you will find that these pads help rather than hinder you.

Can Be Secured Well

The hook and loop feature of these knee pads mean that it is quite easy for you to secure them as closely to your leg as needed. Not only does this offer additional protection, it also means that the knee pads are less likely to slip once they have been fitted on.

The only downside here is that the bottom strap is a bit short. So, if you have thicker legs, it can be a problem to get this strap to go all the way around.


As the knee pads are largely constructed of neoprene, they are lightweight and soft against your skin. At the same time, this reduces the risk of irritation and chafing, particularly when you wear them for longer or in hot weather.


  • Great protection
  • Flexible design
  • Can be secured well
  • Comfortable

  • Bottom strap is a bit short

Triple Eight Covert Knee Pads


  • Materials: Ethylene Vinyl Acetate
  • Hard/Soft Shell: Soft Shell
  • Closure Type: Pull-On

Protects from Abrasions

If you are quite confident in your roller skating skills or prefer the freedom of movement over protection, then these are the pads for you. While they do have padding, it isn’t nearly as much as other hard or even soft shell pads.

This means that your knees will be protected against scrapes, abrasions, and even bruises. However, you will find that it doesn’t help as much when it comes to hard impacts or falls.

Promotes Flexibility

These pads have been specifically designed to be non-constricting. This helps to keep your legs flexible and allows you to make sudden and sharp movements as needed. Such a feature is excellent when your focus is on dance or non-risky tricks as the pads make allowances for more fluid movements.

Slim Profile

If you aren’t a fan of how regular knee pads look, you will enjoy the slim profile of these pads. What’s even better is that they can be worn under your clothes. This works well for people who want to maintain a cute roller skating aesthetic but want to make sure that their knees are protected at the same time.

Secure Fit

As these knee pads have a pull on closure, you can get the best possible fit for yourself. The material creates a snug fit around your knees, ensuring that it doesn’t budge while you are roller skating. Not only does this provide your knees with proper protection, but it also means that you don’t have to keep adjusting it during your ride.


  • Protects against abrasions
  • Promotes flexibility
  • Slim profile
  • Secure fit

  • Minimal protection from major falls

A Guide to Selecting Knee Pads

Here are the top tips and guidelines that you need to know about how to choose knee pads:

Roller Skating, Inline Skating, and Skateboarding Knee Pads – Is There a Difference?

When you first start researching knee pads, it’s easy to get confused about which pads are meant for which sport. For instance, you may often find results for the best knee pads for inline skating or ones for skateboarding, but options for roller skating can be rare.

So, do you need specific pads or will those for other wheeled sports work just as well? It doesn’t matter if you are roller skating, roller blading, or skateboarding, as they tend to result in similar injuries.

This means that you can easily use knee pads that fall under either category as long as they meet your requirements.

In the same way, you will find that the best knee pads for women roller skaters can be worn by men as well. There is really no difference in how the pads are designed, apart from colors and patterns. All knee pads can fit skaters of different sizes and perform the same function.

Hard Shell vs. Soft Shell Knee Caps

The first decision you will have to make when it comes to buying knee caps is whether you want to go for hard shell or soft shell knee caps.

The hard shell designs tend to have protruding plastic caps where your knee should be. They are designed for hard impacts. With soft shell knee caps, there tends to be just form or thick layers of fabric. As such, they don’t offer the same level protection as hard shell knee pads.

Despite this, it doesn’t automatically mean that one type of knee pad is better than the other. Instead, it is about selecting the design that is most suited to the kind of roller skating that you want to do. You also need to ensure that there is a proper balance between performance and protection.

If you tend to hit ramps, are prone to hard falls or are a part of a roller derby team, then getting hard shell knee pads are a must.

These work to dissipate the force of an impact and can help to prevent fractures and similar serious injuries. However, these hard capped pads can also be bulky and in some cases, restrict your movements.

The soft shell knee pads, on the other hand, offer greater flexibility. This is great for speed skating or when trying out tricks that require a bit more maneuvering. These pads also come in handy when hard falls are unlikely.

Durable Design

By their very design, knee pads are supposed to absorb the brunt and impact of a fall. What’s more, they will have to be in peak condition every time you take a tumble. As a result, durability becomes quite important when choosing these pads.

First, you have to be certain that the plastic caps on hard shell pads can continue to withstand impact without cracking or being damaged. Small scratches are to be expected, however, and don’t pose much of a threat to the overall structure.

It is also a good idea to take a look at how the cap has been fixed onto the pad as a whole. It is important to make sure that it is screwed in tightly.

This ensures that the cap doesn’t come loose when you make impact with the ground and ensures that your knees stay safe.

Finally, look at the fabric and the stitching. The fabric should be strong and shouldn’t be prone to tearing even if you keep falling. The stitching should be just as tough. It needs to hold all the seams together even when constantly facing friction and other types of wear and tear.

The Fit

When selecting knee pads, you have to think about the fit as well. First, it is important to consider whether the cap is small or large enough to cover your knee. If the dimensions for the kneecap area are provided, then you can compare these with your own measurements. Otherwise, some trial and error will be required.

The other aspect to think about is how the pads will fit around the lower portion of your thigh and the upper part of your calf.

Fortunately, most manufacturers provide accurate lengths or dimensions for these areas. As such, you should be able to make a more accurate decision.

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t just focus on categories such as small, medium, or large. While they can be a good indicator of where to start, these sizes can vary quite a bit from one brand to another. You will be better off focusing on the exact dimensions instead.

The Closure Type

Then, there is the closure type. Typically, you have a choice between a hook and loop closure or a pull-on one. The decision often depends on what you find more comfortable. That being said, hard shell knee pads are more common with the hook and loop design.

The hook and loop is quite easy to put on and take off. You can often adjust it according to your leg size as well. However, these knee pads do have a tendency to loosen or slip down your leg while roller skating. This means that you have to stop and adjust them quite regularly, which can be a hassle for some skaters.

The pull-on knee pads are made from one swath of stretchy fabric. As such, it can be pulled up your leg like a sock.

These knee pads stay in place well and are often quite comfortable to wear for long periods.

Some people can find them a little constricting or may feel that they are not as suitable for warm weather. However, this all comes down to preference and what is best for you.


Here are some frequently asked questions about knee pads for roller skating:

1. Do I Need Pads for Roller Skating?

Yes, you absolutely need pads for roller skating as knee injuries are quite common. This is a part of your safety gear that you should continue to wear even when you feel more comfortable on your skates.

2. How Do You Measure for Knee Pads?

It’s important to remember that every knee pad design is different. You will also have to take measurements based on these. However, remember to take measurements around the lower portion of your thigh and the upper portion of your calf.

3. How Tight Should Roller Skating Pads Be?

Your pads should be secure enough to remain fixed around your knee at all times. At the same time, they shouldn’t be so tight that they restrict movement.

The Final Verdict

There is no denying that the Triple Eight KP 22 pads are the best for the job. To begin with, they offer amazing protection with impact resistant caps and padding. At the same time, the high-quality materials promote durability and continuous use. The secure fit and variety of sizes make it a great choice for all roller skaters.

If you want to increase your chances of finding the perfect pads, make sure to check out all the pads featured on this list. I have included various designs and options to ensure that you find just what you need. Consider what appeals to you and your style of skating before settling.

Looking for what to wear roller skating? Check out our what to wear roller skating – guide for beginners.

Happy Skating!

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