5 Best Inline Skates for Beginners 2024

Out of these 5 top skates, I have selected the Rollerblade RB Cruiser skates as the overall best inline skates for beginners.

I’ve seen this make and model been put through its paces for some time now. I offer rollerblading classes and most newcomers will bring this pair into lessons. More often than not, I’ve found that these skates make it easier for people to improve their speed, maneuvering, and balance. 

Still, I can appreciate that these may not be right for everyone out there. So, I decided to put together a list of the inline skates that have stood out to me over the years. Here is what you need to know about these: 

Top Inline Skates for Beginners

Here are the products you should check out: 

Rollerblade RB Cruiser – Best for Overall Use


  • Sizes: US 4 – 13
  • Wheel Size: 80mm
  • Frame Material: Aluminum

Improved Control

When you are still trying to get the hang of your skates, control is key. Well, the RB Cruiser makes this easier than ever. This is largely thanks to the SG7 bearings that allow you to improve your stability and speed while allowing you to maneuver with more ease.

As an added bonus, you have the brake on the heel which is incredibly important in a beginner pair of skates. This makes it far easier to learn how to brake particularly when you are mastering other skills along the way.


The RB Cruiser has numerous features to make these skates more comfortable. To begin with, the boot has been designed to support wider feet and is a good option for people who typically find narrower skates uncomfortable.

At the same time, the boot has a thicker lining for additional padding. And, to round it off, the heel has shock absorption, preventing your feet from taking too much punishment. Now, the only real downside would be that these skates don’t come in half sizes.


The last thing you want is to invest in a pair of inline skates that fall apart in no time. Well, this isn’t something you need to worry about with this pair as they have been built for the outdoors and skate parks. In addition to being made from tough materials, the wheels and bearings are protected from wear and tear.  

Can Be Upgraded

From the frame to the wheels, most elements on these skates can be upgraded as you get better. Therefore, you won’t have to waste money on a new pair and can, instead, just switch out the beginner features for more advanced ones.


  • Comfortable
  • Provides control
  • Durable
  • Can be upgraded

  • Only available in full sizes 

PAPAISON Adjustable Inline Skates – Best for Kids


  • Sizes: j11 – 1.5
  • Wheel Size: 64mm
  • Frame Material: Aluminum

Sturdy and Stable

These inline skates ensure that your child is as safe as possible when strapped into them. The thickened shell and frame system creates a lower center of gravity. In turn, this lets your child have greater stability and be able to control and maneuver their movements carefully.

The lateral support on the skates provides your kid with greater ankle support. At the same time, it allows for better energy transfer, making it easier for your child to learn how to move more effortlessly on their skates.


Needless to say, comfort is important for kids. As such, these inline skates are equipped with an incredibly thick liner and tongue. Not only does this mean that your kid will be nice and cozy, but they will also be able to skate for longer as the design prevents foot fatigue.

Adjustable Size

You don’t need to be told that kids grow like weeds. So, if you don’t want to shell out your hard-earned cash every time yours has a growth spurt, it is a good idea to invest in these inline skates. They can be adjusted with just the push of a button, allowing your little one to use the pair for longer. 

Durable Design

The thickened frame ensures that your kids can use and abuse these skates without them giving way. This is good to know since learning can often involve quite a few tumbles. You will find that these skates hold up well indoors and outdoors. The only part of them that isn’t too durable is the buckle.


  • Safe
  • Comfortable
  • Adjustable size
  • Durable

  • Buckle not very strong

K2 Skate F.I.T 80 Inline Skates – Best for Men


  • Sizes: 5 – 13
  • Wheel Size: 80mm
  • Frame Material: Frame Base Interlocking composite

Great Support and Stability

This pair of inline skates have the combined benefit of a Stability Plus Cuff and the K2 SoftBoot. As the name suggests, this cuff provides you with additional support that makes it far easier for you to eliminate wobble while learning new techniques.

Of course, along with this support and stability, you get a lot of comfort as well. The SoftBoot provides you with the perfect level of padding, cutting down on the risk of chaffing. Thus, skating for longer periods will be possible.  

Smooth Performance

Two different elements help make these skates incredibly smooth to glide with. First, the composite frame has been designed to absorb vibrations. This eliminates any kind of pressure on your feet, ankle, or joints while simultaneously improving the overall smoothness of the ride.

The other feature that promotes a smooth performance is the ABEC 5 bearings. These allow you to glide on a wide variety of services while enjoying optimal maneuverability. The only issue with these bearings is that they can begin to produce a grating sound after some use.

Lightweight Feel

The Stability cuff has the added bonus of taking the weight off the skates, making them feel incredibly light. This means that nothing will hold you down as you learn to stabilize yourself and improve your movements.


  • Great support and stability
  • Smooth performance
  • Lightweight feel

  • Bearings can become noisy 

Rollerblade Zetrablade Fitness Inline Skate – Best for Women


  • Sizes: US Women’s 6 – 10
  • Wheel Size: 80mm
  • Frame Material: Monocoque Composite

Great Stability and Performance

The integrated shell and frame system creates a lower center of gravity. In turn, this helps you stay lower to the ground, making it easier to balance, especially if you are new to rollerblading. The lateral support also encourages a more efficient energy transfer, allowing you to master various skills more quickly.

The 80mm and the SG5 bearings are excellent partners. Combined, they create a smooth performance, allowing you to glide across a wide variety of surfaces. The moderate speed means that you get to test out your skills without feeling like you are out of control.

Great Support

You can never have too much support as a beginner. The high cuff on the frame provides you with support that you are unlikely to find with other models. So, from the first moment you push off, you will be able to enjoy greater balance and control.

This support also helps prevent too much pressure from being placed on any one part of your foot. In turn, this allows you to avoid discomfort and blisters while being able to skate for longer.

Added Comfort

The liner is incredibly well-cushioned, making it a far more comfortable fit for your entire foot, particularly at the ankle. This prevents any uncomfortable chaffing or any kind of bruising. As such, you will be able to practice for longer periods.

The secure closure also allows you to get a more snug fit with the boot, which adds stability and comfort. The only minor problem is that finding the right fit for your boot can be a tad bit tricky with these skates.


Are you concerned about the beating that your skates will take during the learning process? Well, this shouldn’t be an issue with these skates. The shell is tough and durable and can take its fair share of bumps and scratches without falling apart. 

LIKU Black Professional Inline Skates


  • Sizes: Men’s 6, Women’s 7 – Men’s 10, Women’s 11.5
  • Wheel Size: 80mm

Good Stability and Control

These professional inline skates boast a one-piece integrated shell and frame housing. What this does is offer greater stability and control while skating. In turn, you will get a more reliable skating experience as you can modulate your movements and won’t have to worry about falling over.

The main issue with these inline skates is that they need to be assembled. Therefore, you need to know how to do this properly or you may find that certain parts come loose later.

Great Cushioning Effect

If you tend to skate on rougher surfaces, you will need a pair of skates that can soften the blow. This is exactly what you get with these LIKU skates. To start with, they have a buffering heel design. This creates a much-needed cushioning impact.

Thus, the impact of the wheels hitting the road will be greatly reduced. In turn, you will have a more comfortable experience and your joints and feet won’t take as much impact either.

Another great cushioning feature is the lining. It is incredibly well-padded, keeping your feet properly insulated from any kind of jarring effect. As an added bonus, the liner can be washed and replaced, keeping your skates in good condition.

Good Fit

Having a good fit is key when you are trying to learn how to keep your balance and skate. Fortunately, the buckle and lace closure system allows you to do just this. Not only does this keep you comfortable, but this feature also helps to improve your overall safety as you skate.


  • Good stability and performance
  • Proper cushioning
  • Good fit

  • Has to be assembled 

How to Choose the Best Inline Skates

It is important to know which features to look for when you want to buy the top inline skates. If this is something you want to know more about, check out this post. It will cover everything you need to be aware of when purchasing the most suitable pair of inline skates for you.


Here are some of the more frequently asked questions regarding inline skates for beginners:

1.      Are Inline Skates Good for Beginners?

Yes, inline skates are suitable for beginners. They create a more stable platform, particularly if you are skating outdoors. They are also great for mastering speed and balance early on in the process.

2.      What are the Best Inline Skates for Beginners?

The best inline skates for beginners are the Rollerblade RB Cruiser skates. They are the ideal mix of performance, safety, stability, and durability.

3.      Are Quads Easier Than Inline Skates?

Although most people believe that quads are easier to learn than inline skates, this isn’t always the case. In many ways, inline skates can offer you more stability and make you a more versatile skater. You can read more about the different types of roller skates here

The Final Verdict

The Rollerblade RB Cruiser is the top pick on this list of best inline skates for beginners. It has all the features that beginners skaters need to improve their overall performance while being safe as well. For instance, these skates make it a breeze for you to learn how to manage your balance, speed, and maneuvering. They are also comfortable to wear and continue to hold up with continuous use.

Check out all the skates on this list as you can never tell which one might be the ideal fit for you. So, go ahead and find out what each brand and model has in store for you. With a little searching, you could find the best skates for you in no time at all.

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