I’m Effy – I started this website to write about all things skating. I’m passionate about skating and part of a community where we share our skating experiences and new tricks. I’ve included on this site everything I have learned so far, from friends and from my skating experience. Enjoy & Happy Skating!

I was introduced to skating from a very young age but when I had a nasty fall while ice skating, I stopped skating altogether. At 18yrs, I fell back in love with skating when I went to a roller disco with my friends to celebrate a birthday party.

Although it was a very uncomfortable experience (I hired a pair of skates from the rink so they weren’t the best), seeing a family of wheelies having fun reminded me of my love for skating. I remember in particular, an old couple who were holding hands and jamming to the music. It was so cool and made me realise this is a hobby I can grow into with people I love and care about.

Fast forward many years on, I now have a family of my own – a husband & three kids and we are all wheelies (well the baby doesn’t know it yet but he will be!).

Fun fact about me – I don’t own a pair of Moxis. I will get a few pairs, in the future, when my (expensive) kids are all grown and I can afford to treat myself!

I’ve included on this site everything I have learned so far, from friends and from my skating experience. I also have freelance writers and volunteers from my skating community who input into some of these articles. This is to make sure I have covered all bases and not teaching anyone bad habits.

If you have any questions or anything you want to share or would like to get involved then feel free to contact us at “hello@rollerskatecity.com”. We would love to hear from you.

A brief background on some of our regular posters are below:

Hello, I’m Saz – a professional inline skater and coach. I’m a skate Instructor and teach mostly young children and the elderly. I’m passionate about teaching others how to skate safely. Let me know if you have any questions. Good luck!
Hi, I’m Maddie. I grew up ice skating and roller skate as a hobby. I recently took up inline skating and loving it! Hope you like our blog. Subscribe, subscribe, subscribe! 🙂
Hi, I’m Zeera. I absolutely love skating. I mainly do rollerblading but also have lots of knowledge in skateboarding and ice skating. I’ve tried to write as much as possible on this topic. Feel free to drop a message if you have any questions. Hope you enjoy our blog. I challenge you to roll with me 😉